What we do

LOCO Talent Management offers talent management services for extremely talented, charismatic, highly skilled, unique influencers, actors and performers who possess exceptional demonstrated skill in their respective field or genre.

  • LOCO Talent Management negotiates deals on behalf of Talent with third parties for film, television, video on demand, and new media, e.g., with agencies, writers, directors, and producers.
  • LOCO Talent Management’s worldwide connections with large agencies and our network can assist Talent to reach unique cross-marketing and product placement opportunities.
  • LOCO Talent Management offers unique insight and guidance through its experience in entertainment, social, and fashion industries.
  • LOCO Talent Management assists Talent to develop personal brand strategy in social media – allowing Talent to maintain full control and authenticity.  LOCO’s assistance is intended to bring out the best in presenting Talent when the situation calls for it.
  • LOCO Talent Management also can provide Talent with ongoing professional development activities including finding and working with top-level coaches, instructors, and/or mentors on a case-by-case basis.
  • LOCO Talent Management periodically consults with its own legal counsel regarding intellectual property, entertainment, business, and advice regarding handling of various issues, attaching to projects, private placement memoranda, evaluating business deal points prior to legally formalizing agreements (business affairs), and the like.